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    Trudivine The Fraxel Dual laser device is two lasers in one: The thulium laser device sufficiently requires out pigmentation, Erbium without problems changes with collections and wrinkles and any skin anomalies - marks, marks, grow marks. This improvement is away to invigorate, recuperating cells, propping the amalgamation of bovine collagen and elastin, the start of our skin. By virtue of the effect, both weak and popular collections and wrinkles are smoothed out, the collections and wrinkles around your sight are destroyed, the skin is pulled up, its versatility and flexibility are reestablished, and it looks younger and powerful. What's more, the laser device Fraxel enough acclimates to the choice and other age-related changes - pigmentation, vascular perform, striae. SAFE LIFTING SPRING TRANSFIGURATION But in the situation that problems are starting at now of an "around the globe" type, and even visit the probability of plastic surgery, yet it is exasperating - the game-plan will be a procedure on an excellent CO laser device Ultrapals . .