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10/10 perfect 10/10 perfect :10:
321 Finger 321 Finger :finger:
:bbingung: :bbingung: :bbingung:
:berrr: :berrr: :berrr:
:bhihihi: :bhihihi: :bhihihi:
:bhua: :bhua: :bhua:
:bhuhu: :bhuhu: :bhuhu:
:blov: :blov: :blov:
:bninja: :bninja: :bninja:
:bpuyeng: :bpuyeng: :bpuyeng:
:bwek: :bwek: :bwek:
:bwhat: :bwhat: :bwhat:
:bwihh: :bwihh: :bwihh:
:hopeless: :hopeless: :humm:
Alone Alone :alone:
Angel Angel O:-)
Angel Angel O:)
Angry Angry X-(
Anxious Anxious 8-[
Applause Applause =D>
applause applause =D>
Argh Argh :argh:
auhh auhh :emosweta:
Axed Axed :axed:
Banging Head Banging Head :banging:
Barnet Stabbed Barnet Stabbed :barney:
Batting Eyelashes Batting Eyelashes ;;)
Bawangaaa Bawangaaa :bawangaaa:
Bawangbayar Bawangbayar :bawangbayar:
Bawangbeku Bawangbeku :bawangbeku:
Bawangberendam Bawangberendam :bawangberendam:
Bawangbertapa Bawangbertapa :bawangbertapa:
Bawangbobok Bawangbobok :bawangbobok:
Bawangcool Bawangcool :bawangcool:
Bawangdiam Bawangdiam :bawangdiam:
Bawangdribble Bawangdribble :bawangdribble:
Bawangflash Bawangflash :bawangflash:
Bawanggosip1 Bawanggosip1 :bawanggosip1:
Bawangha Bawangha :bawangha:
Bawanghappy Bawanghappy :bawanghappy:
Bawanghi Bawanghi :bawanghi:
Bawanghmm3 Bawanghmm3 :bawanghmm3:
Bawangkenyang Bawangkenyang :bawangkenyang:
Bawangkeren Bawangkeren :bawangkeren:
Bawanglove Bawanglove :bawanglove:
Bawangmalu Bawangmalu :bawangmalu:
Bawangmotor Bawangmotor :bawangmotor:
Bawangnangis Bawangnangis :bawangnangis:
Bawangnangis2 Bawangnangis2 :bawangnangis2:
Bawangnangis3 Bawangnangis3 :bawangnangis3:
Bawangngamuk Bawangngamuk :bawangngamuk:
Bawangngamuk1 Bawangngamuk1 :bawangngamuk1:
Bawangngomel Bawangngomel :bawangngomel:
Bawangnguap Bawangnguap :bawangnguap:
Bawangngupil Bawangngupil :bawangngupil:
Bawangpiye Bawangpiye :bawangpiye:
Bawangrofl Bawangrofl :bawangrofl:
Bawangsakit Bawangsakit :bawangsakit:
Bawangshiver Bawangshiver :bawangshiver:
Bawangswt2 Bawangswt2 :bawangswt2:
Bawangtangkap Bawangtangkap :bawangtangkap:
Bawangtendang Bawangtendang :bawangtendang:
Bawangteriak1 Bawangteriak1 :bawangteriak1:
Bawangugh Bawangugh :bawangugh:
Bawangunforgiven Bawangunforgiven :bawangunforgiven:
Bawangwihh Bawangwihh :bawangwihh:
bawang_smile bawang_smile :hihihi:
Bazooka Bazooka :bazooka:
Big Ass Gun Big Ass Gun :firing:
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Big Pimp Big Pimp :pimping:
Big Smiley Big Smiley :bigsmile:
Blonde Marah Blonde Marah :bmarah:
Blonde Mikir Blonde Mikir :bmikir:
Blonde Nangis Blonde Nangis :bnangis:
Blow Brains Out Blow Brains Out :bang:
Blushing Blushing :\">
Bombed Bombed :bomb:
Boo hoo! Boo hoo! :-({|=
Born L33T Born L33T :l33t:
Bouncing Blob Bouncing Blob :blob:
Brick wall Brick wall ](*,)
brisik ! brisik ! :[email protected]
Broken Heart Broken Heart =((
buahaha buahaha :hhh:
bye bye :bye:
bye bye bye bye :-h
Canadian Canadian :canadian:
Chatting Chatting :discussi:
Clown Clown :o)
Clubbed Clubbed :clubbed:
Computer Smash Computer Smash :computer:
Confused Confused :confused:
Confused Confused :-/
Confused Confused :huh:
Cool Cool :cool:
cool cool emocool
Crying Crying :((
D'oh! D'oh! #-o
Dancing Dancing \\:D/
Dancing Banana Dancing Banana :dancing:
Dancing Dude Dancing Dude :dude:
Dancing Elephant Dancing Elephant :elephant:
daydreaming daydreaming 8->
Devil Devil >:)
Devil Joget Devil Joget :deviljoget:
diam diam emo:|
Disgusted Disgusted :disguste:
Drinking Beer Drinking Beer :beer:
Drinking Beer Drinking Beer :drinking:
Drooling Drooling =P~
Drunk Drunk :drunk:
duid duid $-)
dunno dunno :-??
EEK! EEK! :eek:
Eh? Eh? :-S
Embarrassment Embarrassment :-o
errrr errrr emoerr
Execution Execution :execute:
Exploding Bomb Exploding Bomb :explode:
Faggot Faggot :fag:
Falling Bricks Falling Bricks :bricks:
Finger Over Eye Finger Over Eye :finger2:
Flamethrower Flamethrower :flames:
Flipping The Bird Flipping The Bird :fingers:
Forever Alone Forever Alone :foreveralone
Frankenstien Frankenstien :frankenstien:
fyi fyi :fyi:
Give Me Beer Give Me Beer :givemebe:
glass glass emo8:
Goofy Goofy :goofy:
grogz grogz :emozzz
grrr grrr :emoangry
Gunfire Gunfire :gunfirej:
Ha Ha Busted Ha Ha Busted :haha2:
Ha Ha Sucker Ha Ha Sucker :haha:
ha.. ha.. :emolha
ha?? ha?? :emo??
hahahaha hahahaha ;))
happy happy :)
Happy Snowman Happy Snowman :happy:
heeeeh heeeeh :heeh:
Hiding Behind Wall Hiding Behind Wall :hiding:
hihi hihi :hihi:
hiks hiks :emohikss:
hiks hiks hiks hiks :hikshiks:
Hitting A Bong Hitting A Bong :bong:
hmm hmm emohmm
hmmm hmmm emo:(
hoooo hoooo :emohooo
Horse Taking A Shit Horse Taking A Shit :horseshi:
hueheh hueheh emohehe
huek dah huek dah :huek:
Hugs Hugs >:D<
Humping Humping :hump:
I Am With Stupid I Am With Stupid :stupid:
I See What You Did There I See What You Did There :iswydt:
In Jail In Jail :jail:
Its Ok Its Ok :alright:
Jackie Chan Jackie Chan :jackiechan:
Kaget Kaget :kaget:
Kiss Kiss :-*
Kiss Kiss :kiss:
Koki Nyanyi Koki Nyanyi :kokinyanyi:
Laugh Out Loud Laugh Out Loud :lolmen:
Laughing Laughing :))
Liar Liar :^o
Liar Liar :---)
Light Saber Battle Light Saber Battle :starwars:
Loco Loco :crazy:
Loser Loser L-)
love love :emoveryl:
love Struck love Struck :x
Mad Mad :mad:
Mad As Hell Mad As Hell :madman:
Makan makan Makan makan :makanmakan:
Marah Banget Marah Banget :marahbanget:
Megaman Megaman :megaman:
Melotot Melotot :melotot:
Mewek Mewek :mewek:
Microwave Microwave :microwav:
Mikir-mikir Mikir-mikir :mikirmikir:
Mohon Mohon :mohon:
Monkey Winking Monkey Winking :monkey:
Monyet Barf Monyet Barf :monyet_barf:
Monyet Cheh Monyet Cheh :monyet_cheh:
Monyet Cry1 Monyet Cry1 :monyet_cry1:
Monyet Cry2 Monyet Cry2 :monyet_cry2:
Monyet Depressed Monyet Depressed :monyet_depressed:
Monyet Err 002 Monyet Err 002 :monyet_err_002:
Monyet Evil Monyet Evil :monyet_evil:
Monyet Golddigger Monyet Golddigger :monyet_golddigger:
Monyet Grin Monyet Grin :monyet_grin:
Monyet Groovin Monyet Groovin :monyet_groovin:
Monyet Grumpy Monyet Grumpy :monyet_grumpy:
Monyet Heh Monyet Heh :monyet_heh:
Monyet Kekeke 002 Monyet Kekeke 002 :monyet_kekeke_002:
Monyet Love1 Monyet Love1 :monyet_love1:
Monyet Love2 Monyet Love2 :monyet_love2:
Monyet Monkeyface Monyet Monkeyface :monyet_monkeyface:
Monyet Moshimosh Monyet Moshimosh :monyet_moshimosh:
Monyet Passingby Monyet Passingby :monyet_passingby:
Monyet Ramen Monyet Ramen :monyet_ramen:
Monyet Run Monyet Run :monyet_run:
Monyet Sayonara Monyet Sayonara :monyet_sayonara:
Monyet Scream Monyet Scream :monyet_scream:
Monyet Sigh Monyet Sigh :monyet_sigh:
Monyet Sleepy Monyet Sleepy :monyet_sleepy:
Monyet Sniffle Monyet Sniffle :monyet_sniffle:
Monyet Swimming Monyet Swimming :monyet_swimming:
Monyet Whine Monyet Whine :monyet_whine:
Moose Moose :moose:
Morons Morons :morons:
mrgreen mrgreen :mrgreen:
Nahan Marah Nahan Marah :nahanmarah:
Nail Biting Nail Biting :-SS
Nangis Nangis :nangis:
Nerd Nerd :-B
Newbie Newbie :newbie:
Ngoding Ngoding :ngoding:
Ngotot Ngotot :ngotot:
No No No No :nono:
Not Bad Not Bad :notbad:
Not Talking Not Talking [-(
Nyemprot Nyemprot :nyemprot:
On The Cross On The Cross :cross:
On The Shitter On The Shitter :toilet:
Party Party :party:
Pfffff Pfffff :pfff:
Phear Me Phear Me :phear:
Pimp Pimp :pimp:
Pimp Daddy Pimp Daddy :pimpdadd:
Poked With Stick Poked With Stick :poked:
Pray Pray [-o<
Protesters Protesters :protest:
Punching Bag Punching Bag :punch:
Raised Eybrow Raised Eybrow /:)
Rambo Rambo :rambo:
Reappear Reappear :reappear:
Redcard Redcard :redcard:
Repost! Repost! :repost:
Riding Horse Riding Horse :riding:
Rock Group Rock Group :band:
Rock On Rock On :rockout3:
Rock Out Rock Out :rockout:
Rock Throwing Rock Throwing :rock:
Rocking Out Rocking Out :rockout2:
Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) :rolleyes:
Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes 8-|
Sad Sad :(
SadLaugh SadLaugh :sadlaugh:
Sawed In Half Sawed In Half :saw:
Shame on you Shame on you [-X
Shhh Shhh :-$
Shit Poker Shit Poker :shit:
Shocked Shocked :shocked:
shutup shutup emo:shut
Shutup Shutup %-(
Sick Sick :-&
Sick Man Sick Man :jack:
Silenced Silenced :-#
Silly Silly 8-}
Sinis Sinis :sinis:
siulan siulan :-"
Siulan Siulan :siulan:
Sleeping Sleeping :sleeping:
Sleepy Sleepy I-)
Sliced By Sword Sliced By Sword :sword:
Smoking Smoking :smoke:
smoking smoking :rokok:
Smoking Smoking :smoking:
Smug Smug :->
Snap Snap :snap:
Sniped Sniped :bulletho:
Sniper Sniper :sniper:
Spam Spam :spam:
Spanking Spanking :smackbot:
Speak to the hand Speak to the hand =;
Stabbing Stabbing :stabbing:
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p
Straight Face Straight Face :|
Suprised Suprised :-O
swettt swettt emoswt
swttt swttt :swt:
Talk to the Hand Talk to the Hand =hand
tampang mesum tampang mesum :mesum:
Tank Tank :tank:
Thank You Thank You :thankyou:
The Cabbage Patch The Cabbage Patch :jive:
Think Think :-k
Thinking Thinking :-?
Tongue Tongue :-P
tonjok tonjok b-(
uhhh uhhh emohuh
verycool verycool emoveryco:
Vomiting Vomiting :vomit:
Wagging Tongue Wagging Tongue :tongue:
waiting waiting :-w
Waving Waving :wave:
weks weks :emoweks
what?? what?? :emowhat
Whew! Whew! #:-S
Whistle Whistle :-\"
Wink Wink ;)
Wink And Kiss Wink And Kiss :winknkis:
Yawn Yawn (:|
Yellowcard Yellowcard :yellowcard:
ym ehmmm ym ehmmm :ymehm:
Ymaudiblelove2agakbesar Ymaudiblelove2agakbesar :ymaudiblelove2agakb
Ymaudibleloveagakbesar Ymaudibleloveagakbesar :ymaudibleloveagakbe
Ymaudiblengamukagakbesar Ymaudiblengamukagakbesar :ymaudiblengamukagak
Ymaudibletutupkupingkecil Ymaudibletutupkupingkecil :ymaudibletutupkupin
Ymdroll2kecil Ymdroll2kecil :ymdroll2kecil:
Ymdroll3kecil Ymdroll3kecil :ymdroll3kecil:
Ymhahahahakecil Ymhahahahakecil :ymhahahahakecil:
Ymmobilkecil Ymmobilkecil :ymmobilkecil:
Ymnoooooooooookecil Ymnoooooooooookecil :ymnoooooooooookecil
Ymzzzzzzdrollkecil Ymzzzzzzdrollkecil :ymzzzzzzdrollkecil:
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o